Flying Saucers, Gutter
Leaving a Trail (Anthology, poem) Beyond Boundaries, European Championships Cultural Programme
Scissored, F, M or Other (Anthology, short story)
The Projectionist, Reel to Rattling Reel (Anthology, short story)
Pencilled In, Mechanics Review (short story)


Be Safe, video poem, BBC

Eat Your Words, Writing PostSecret (short story)

Disposable, performed at The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow, as part of Cramp Your Style Festival (theatre, short play)

Light Through a Lens, The Skinned Knee Collective Volume IV (short story)


Distilled Freedom, Not Too Tame Theatre (monologue)

Women’s Walk, Hold My Purse Issue 1 (poetry, film poem)

Our Day Out, Paisley Poems 1 (poetry)

End of Story, Bare Fiction (short story)