Home from Home

Colourful and calling
Out in conversation,
what language, a
Sing song along
I’ve never heard before.

Not dull or dank or grey
To merge into Scottish summer skies
or nearby brae
Instead rainbow feathers rush
A pink and yellow blur
Like drumstick lollies
For the lovebirds.

I hear that you’ve escaped,
in a garden, penned
in an aviary too small for your ambition
And flair
Lighting up the trees and sky with warmth,
Softening the edges of brutal buildings
Edged with barbs, hard.
Like the population have learnt to do.

Painting the town,
A floating feather mural,
Leaving smiles in soggy footprints,
“Did you see those birds?”
Far from but quite at home.

E. Capaldi

This was written in response to a call for work about birds in city environments.

picture used under Creative Commons license


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