Film – An Apple a Day

Film making tends to involve recruiting a team of people, and even when it can be done on low or even no budget, some money is usually helpful, and on a professional level essential.

So I wanted to set myself the challenge of making something at home, on my own, with props and any equipment already in the house. It felt important to prove somehow that at the heart of a film is a story, and that is something, with no backing or help, that I can be capable of. So, this film is a bit rough round the edges. The autofocus self adjusts sometimes. And there is a segment of content I would have adjusted if I had picked the music in advance (I picked it after, and did pay 99p for it, although I now wonder if it might have been around the house too). I sacrificed some music sync at the beginning so that image and picture matched more towards the end.

The story: A commitment to healthy eating is challenged by a tempting sweet treat…


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