Strength & Sadness

Strength and sadness

Constant companions.

Casting shadow and light,

Competing in flight,

Rising, racing,

Undercutting each other,

Always tied to each other,

Each comes from the other.

Sadness, galvanises,

The sense in your core

A forewarning,

Tears shed in care

Love to spare.

Strength can be softening

An offering to others

Whose hands may be tied

Or whose sadness has swept their strength to the side.

It’ll be fine

When you have no real idea

Calm in the face of fear,

Not for yourself

But for everyone else.

Though the pair are poised opposed

The gaps between them close

To nothing.

To be so sad that

All you see is drenched in blue

And still walk one foot at a time,

To be caught under duvet like cement in your bed

And still breathe,

That’s strength.

To drop a hint for help or not tell,

That is still

A well,

Of unknown depths,

Of sadness and its strength.


Photo by the author, Interior ABC, Glasgow


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