Take it Easy

Pushing through, improving

When you feel like you’re not moving,

Tethered, same old mooring,

Feels like you don’t know what you’re doing.


Like a boulder on your back,

A form of self-attack,

Circumstances may have stalled,

And now you beat yourself down small.


‘Should’ can help or hinder,

Indicating mistakes or wrongs.

But magnified, turned inward

can also cast some shadows, long;

I should be better

I should be further

I should know all of the answers

I should have done this

I should have fixed it

I should be creating chances.


When all the power’s in your hands

And things are not according to your plans

So the logic goes, who else is to blame;

You set the fire, feel the flames.

Embrace your own autonomy

Your independent thought is free,

That is your responsibility.

But if you’re trying your level best

When the arrows just won’t rest,

Know that you are sound,

Sometimes solutions are waiting to be found.

They may require chipping out and carving, dug with your own muster,

But some assistance or opportunity can come from another.

Supportive words, a listening ear, or two,

Someone who believes in you.

And the light might not always cast itself in your direction,

But keep seeking,

Hand outstretched,


And it may just be met, half way in mid air.


A lattice of interlocking light,

Shines bright as kindness keeps alight

Our hearts like stars,

Connected by these threads

Like kites, balloons, or paper planes bobbing on a mobile above your head.


Paths leaves scars as you find your way

And in the pause of some relief

Breathe in  deep

Before submerging –

Because it will all come round again,

The rushing, never ending, one of those days, lack of sleep

This time when it’s really what you need,

For passions of whatever kind,

That soothe your heart and give you peace of mind.








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