Back to Front

People can play it mean,

When trying to hide revealing feelings.

Wounds that go deep,

Create scars that rise steep,

A peaky trip,

The altitude makes you sick.

The toughest walls

Muffle the inner calls,

For love, acceptance, a hand to hold,

A cheek to kiss,

A person to miss.

Love involves an evolution,

Leave behind seeking retribution

For past hurts,

Be brave enough to trust.

Easier said than done, when your heart’s on the run.

It’s an inner fight,

A conflict of rights,

To protect your damaged heart,

Or be loved for every part, of you.

Arctic ice will flow wherever the gusts of fear blow.

A global warming means thinning ice,

Skating on the edge of a knife,

You risk falling in,

You’ve forgotten how to swim,

Muscle memory kicks in,

Let it give you fins, and swim.


Photo by the author. 


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